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Review Ms. Marvel #7 Review 6.7

Ms. Marvel #7 Review

Ms. Marvel’s life has been less than great as of late. Thankfully her friends have her back and want to give her a bit of a break. But there’s just no such thing as a vacation for a superhero. Your Major Spoilers review of The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #7 awaits.

Review Ms. Marvel #6 Review 7.7

Ms. Marvel #6 Review

Ms. Marvel is back on Earth with her fancy new suit. But Kamala is now forced to face a type of enemy she’s never had to face before: Terminal illness. Your Major Spoilers review of Ms. Marvel #6 awaits.

Review Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 Review 7.0

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 Review

Spider-Man teams up with Captain America to find missing children… but are they up to the challenge?  Your Major Spoilers review of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 awaits!

Review Exiles #12 Review 8.3

Exiles #12 Review

The Watchers have been putting the hurt on Blink and her friends, and now it’s time to take the battle to them.  Your Major Spoilers review of Exiles #12 awaits!

Review 8.0

Mysteries of Love in Space #1 Review

Space is a cold and lonely place, but even the harshest environments can hold secret love for those who seek it. Uncover the deep, hidden desires of the cruisers of the space lanes, and what makes their hearts go thump-thump-thump in MYSTERIES OF LOVE IN SPACE #1 from DC COMICS!

Review 9.3

Abbott Review

Between a shooting war on the other side of the world and the war for the heart of the city, 1972 Detroit is on the edge. Reporter Elena Abbott works a beat in that city, but now she has uncovered a dark conspiracy with threads that reach into her own past. Can she fight it or will she be enveloped by the dark?


Major Spoilers Podcast #801: Bingo Love

This week, we take a look at Bingo, Love from Image Comics, plus we talk the end of Iron Fist, and review Titans Season 1 – Episode 01, and Exiles #9. Plus, Skrull along with us with the Poll of the Week.

Featured Exiles #7 Review

Exiles #7 Review

New Exiles?  Meet Old Exiles!  And Blink is caught in the middle.  Your Major Spoilers review of Exiles #7 awaits!

Featured Exiles #4 Cover

Exiles #4 Review

It is canonical fact that, in the Marvel Universe, Blackbeard The Pirate is a time-traveling Benjamin Grimm, as seen in Fantastic Four #5 circa 1962. Your Major Spoilers review of Exiles #4 awaits!

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