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Review Black Cat #3 Review 7.7

Black Cat #3 Review

Felicia Hardy has completed her heist; to steal Doctor Strange from Knull! However, she is still in major danger and has used a piece of Yggdrasil to become an Asgardian! Find out what happens in Black Cat #3 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 8.0

Black Cat #2 Review

Felicia Hardy has her eyes on a new target. Her heist is to steal Doctor Strange himself from the grasp of Knull. Find out if Felicia can fight against the King in Black in Black Cat #2 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 9.0

Black Cat #7 Review

With her mentor kidnapped and the Thieves Guild on her trail, Felicia Hardy’s work has just gotten VERY personal. Your Major Spoilers review of Black Cat #7 from Marvel Comics awaits!


Valiant High #1 Review

High school, it’s tough for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest kid in school, the blonde hair, blue eyed jock, or the girl who can talk to machines, it’s tough. But when the faculty is made up of people like Dr, Mirage, Bloodshot, and Toyo Harada, you’re not going to just any school you’re going to VALIANT HIGH! Find out what your favorite Valiant heroes may have been like if they all got their powers in high school, in VALIANT HIGH #1 from Valiant Entertainment!