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Last year’s writer’s strike played havoc on our television viewing.  Heroes got chopped at the knees and probably ruined the series for all time.  Nearly everything but reality shows took a hit.  The movie industry was not excluded from this really fun time, as studios scrambled to get scripts finished before the strike began.  Those films are scheduled to arrive in theaters this year, and has a fascinating look at upcoming movies, and what movie goers will likely encounter when these flicks hit theaters. On X-Men Origins: Wolverine What’s the damage? We know the script was bad enough that

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Red 5 ComicsReview

If you thought the second volume of Atomic Robo was spinning its wheels, you might want to pick up the fifth issue and give it a read.  The Sparrow is out, Milligan is in, and Robo has to stop the greatest weapon ever developed.

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