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The Pride comes to comiXology

ComiXology and Queer Comix announced that The Pride Season Two an all-new, six issue comic book series spinning out of writer Joe Glass’ acclaimed LGBTQ+ super hero series The Pride will debut as part of the comiXology Originals program, June 5th

Fanbase Press 8.0

The Sequels #4 Review

The group learns there is another among them who is not telling the truth as we discover the final untold story of childhood adventure. What really happened to Dakota during his time in Fictopolis, and how does it all tie into the mysterious, unseen force who seems to have set up all of the adventures? Truths are discovered and perceptions shattered as we dive into final chapter of THE SEQUELS #4, available on Comixology May 29!

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Teenage Wasteland returns on ComiXology Originals

May 15th marks the return of Magdelene Visaggio & Jen Vaughn’s punk rock, magical grrrl comiXology Originals series, Teenage Wasteland – the action-packed comic where after-school activities include transforming into galactic heroes and fighting monsters.

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Delver debuts at ComiXology Originals

ComiXology debuts the first issue of Delver, a 5-part comic book fantasy series co-written by Iron Circus Comics founder C. Spike Trotman and YA author MK Reed, with art by newcomer Clive Hawken

Review The Sequels #1 Review 7.7

The Sequels #1 Advance Review

Their childhoods were not ordinary. Maybe they had a robot friend or an alien encounter or battled monsters, or found a magic book. Whatever the case, they grew up and moved on… or did they? From Fanbase Press comes a tale of what happened when their movie-like lives returned to normal. The Sequels #1 is on Comixology on February 20, 2019.

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