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Review Coffin Bound #6 Review 9.3

Coffin Bound #6 Review

In COFFIN BOUND #6 from Image Comics, Taqa must work to prove its very existence. But with the Vulture on her trail, can she live long enough to prove His existence? Find out in this strange work of existential dread in your latest Major Spoilers review!

Sneak Peek Low Low Woods #5

[Preview] Low, Low Woods #5

Terrible secrets are revealed in this penultimate issue of Low Low Woods from DC Comics. The issue arrives in stores today, but you can check out a sneak peek, right now.

Review Coffin Bound #3 Review 9.0

Coffin Bound #3 Review

On the run, with a vulture for company and a pair of eyes in a glass jar, Izzy continues her quest to erase all signs of her existence to escape.  Opening with a chase scene out of a Goya-esque nightmare, with the EarthEater on her trail, can she achieve her goals and escape with her life? Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Review Coffin Bound #1 Review 8.0

Coffin Bound #1 Review

Izzy Tyler wakes up one day to find death coming for her, one way or another. She’s going to tie up loose ends on her own terms in Coffin Bound #1!

Featured The Vigilant One-Shot Review

The Vigilant One-Shot Review

Death-Man, Blake Edmonds, The Leopard, Pete’s Pocket Army, Doctor Sin, Adam Eterno, Steel Commando, Thunderbolt the Avenger, and Yao; these names may not sound familiar to you now, but they are members of The Vigilant, a new team of forgotten heroes from British Publisher Rebellion.

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