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Marvel Legacy Marvel Comics for September 2017
Diamond Comic DistributorsMarvelSolicitations

Marvel Comics sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in September 2017.

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Rock and Roll Variant Covers at Marvel

Marvel has announced it plans to rock your world with five variant rock and roll covers rolling our way in September.

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Secret Empire #4 Review
FeaturedMarvelReviewSecret Empire

The heroes of the Marvel Universe have discovered that the Cosmic Cube is behind Captain America’s change of heart, but can they reassemble it before he can destroy all the shards?  Your Major Spoilers review of Secret Empire #4 awaits!

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Defenders #1 Review

The Heroes For Hire are in the sights of Luke oldest foe, Diamondback.  But somebody has upped his game after years of being “dead”…  Your Major Spoilers review of Defenders #1 awaits!

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FeatureFeaturedHulkLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoMarvelReviewShe-HulkToysVideo

It’s the set you’ve been waiting for!? Maybe? The Hulk and She-Hulk team up to take on… Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk…

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FeaturedMarvelReviewScarlet Spider

Well, his costume may be a bust, but Ben Reilly has gotten a decent start on his return to action as a hero.  That’s about to change, thanks to his “brother”, Kaine, the other Scarlet Spider…  Your Major Spoilers review of Ben Reilly, The Scarlet Spider #3 awaits!

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Marvel Legacy #1
MarvelPress ReleaseSolicitations

PRESS RELEASE – An Asgardian titan. A Wakandan warrior bred to be a king. The very first Sorcerer Supreme.

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Spider-Men II #1
Brian Michael BendisMarvelSneak PeekSpider-Man

Marvel has released a sneak peek of Spider-Men II #1, the follow-up which hopefully answers the question, “Who is the Miles Morales of the Marvel Universe?”

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Prox Transmissions

If you are not a single issues reader (a.k.a. the floppies), you might be interested in reading The Prox Transmissions, and original graphic novel from Dustin Bates, Peter David, and Mirko Colak.

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For the last couple of months, Marvel has shared a number of teaser images of heroes standing with their legacy inspirations. Generations begins at the Vanishing Point as heroes team to change the future.

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Captain Phasma #1
MarvelSneak PeekStar Wars

Personally, I would have gone with Star Wars: Captain Phasma, but with a new Star Wars movie coming our way faster than the Millennium Falcon making the Kessel Run, it makes sense to tie a new Marvel series into the movie in some way.

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Jessica Jones #9 Review
Brian Michael BendisFeaturedJessica JonesMarvelReview

The Secret Empire reigns.  What does this mean for private investigator and retired superhero Jessica Jones?  Your Major Spoilers review of Jessica Jones #9 awaits!

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Wonder Woman Movie
Comics PortalDCFeaturedMarvelOpinion

Last weekend included the debut of the Wonder Woman feature film and, for once, I actually got to go see it, a comics-based movie on its opening days!

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FeaturedMarvelReviewThe Champions

Viv Vision goes solo and meets a new (but wonderfully familiar) hero whom I hope becomes the Next Big Thing…  Your Major Spoilers review of Champions #9 awaits!

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