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COMICS PORTAL: People at Cons!

As much as cons are great places to pick up comics and related treasures, I spent a lot of time interacting with people on both sides of the table. And it got me to thinking–maybe the best part of cons is NOT the stuff, but the people.

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COMICS PORTAL: Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen Are Back!

I know I’ve been talking about DC for a few weeks, but IMHO they’ve been putting out the news worth talking about! Brian Michael Bendis must have given the Man of Steel a serious shot in the arm when it comes to sales because two friends of Superman are getting their own books once again… Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, as announced by the Los Angeles Times recently.

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Comics Portal: Condition Critical?

This past weekend I was at the Savannah Comic Con in Georgia with friends. I understand this was their second year, and it went pretty well, with media and comic guests aplenty. One of the topics of discussion there that I participated in focused on the condition of one’s comics and other related items. Everyone agreed on one thing: the condition of your stuff is critical!

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