Major Spoilers Terms of Use

We like to think Major Spoilers as a great place to find out about the comic and pop culture industry and share your thoughts on the stories.

You may have noticed your comments appearing a lot faster than normal – like right away for most of you. The reason is this; Akismit has done an excellent job separating the spam from the real comments, and to encourage you to comment more often, I’ve turned off moderation for anyone who already has a comment approved on the site.

For those who have never commented, you still go into moderation stasis until it is approved, but after that you should be good to go.

Going unmoderated does not mean the higher ups aren’t keeping a watchful eye on comments. The same rules still apply – be polite, even if you disagree. Make your comments meaningful. Syaing something sucks does not make it so, justify your reasoning. Those that make the Major Spoilers world turn still have the ability to delete comments, or place those that are being Forum Trolls on the ban list.

With that in mind, you should be aware of our rules for posting:

  • No threats to the site will be tolerated, and will result in an immediate ban.
  • No bigoted remarks will be tolerated, be they racial, religious, or otherwise. (3rd offense will result in a temporary ban. After that, a permanent ban.)
  • No nudity, be it in a linked picture, posted picture, linked website, or avatar
  • No flaming. Name calling based on someone’s beliefs, religious, political or otherwise will not be tolerated. This will boil down to the judgement of the moderators, not the intention of the post.
  • No post whoring. Posts must contain content (in other words, no one word posts or just smilies). Those that do not, will be edited or deleted. This includes “Woohoo! first post!” comments.
  • No thread jacking. Intentional mis-direction of thread topics will be deleted.
  • No SPAM. SPAM will be edited or deleted and promptly locked.
  • The locking, editing and deleting of threads and posts is up to the discretion of the moderators and administrators. Love it or shove it.
  • No EXCESSIVE “l33t sp34k.” Also, no “Grammar Nazis.” Do not criticize for mispelled words or improper grammar usage. Similarly, please try to be as proper as possible when typing.
  • All personal information posted in the public forums will be edited by the mods for security reasons. Just don’t post it.
  • Explain posted links. Please don’t post a link with just ‘Have Fun!’. Let everyone know what the link is for, and if it’s safe for work.
  • No double posts. If you have something to add after completing your post, please hit the ‘edit’ button at the bottom of your post
  • Harrassment will not be tolerated.What constitutes as “harrassment” will be interpreted by the Moderators.
  • Rules subject to change at the discretion of the site administrators (and will be noted in here).
  • Finally, we are all here to have fun. Please remember this when posting.
  • Major Spoilers will not allow posts that contain slander or libelous remarks. These posts will be deleted, and may be cause for banishment

Other than that, enjoy and have fun.

Stephen Schleicher
Executive Producer