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Review 10.0

The Courier: Liberty and Death #3 Review

Eve has been taken by The Divinity after searching for a package with Gillings while Gillings searches for stolen cargo. Find out if Eve comes out alive in The Courier: Liberty and Death #3 by Zenescope Entertainment.  

Review 7.3

Belle: Thunder of Gods Review

War is stirring in the underbelly of Philadelphia, and Belle must prepare to take on the thunder of gods! Find out more in Belle: Thunder of Gods by Zenescope Entertainment! 

Review 8.0

Courier #1 Review

Eve works as a courier. A dangerous job where she takes packages from one settlement to another and protects it from zombie-like creatures. Find out what is Eve’s next delivery in Courier #1 by Zenescope Entertainment! 

Review 7.0

Robyn Hood #1 Review

Robyn Hood is an outlaw, a vigilant, and a bringer of justice. Despite her own city turning on her, Robyn Hood is still trying to help. Come check out her next adventure in Robyn Hood: Iron Maiden #1 by Zenescope Entertainment! 

Review Robyn Hood 2020 Annual Review 8.0

Robyn Hood 2020 Annual Review

Robyn Hood has been approached by Marian Quin to go on her next mission. To save Marian’s wife after they banished her across the multiverse! Find out more in Robyn Hood 2020 Annual by Zenescope Entertainment. 

Review 8.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #6 Review

Robyn Hood is hunted by law enforcement but she knows who the real villain is. She puts out a daring plan to take down Mayor Nyguen in Robyn Hood: Justice #6 by Zenescope Entertainment!

Review Belle: Horns of the Minotaur #1 Review 4.3

Belle: Horns of the Minotaur #1 Review

She’s quite the beauty, hunting beasts in her poor provincial town called Philadelphia.  Your Major Spoilers review of Belle: Horns of the Minotaur #1 from Zenescope Entertainment awaits!

Review 6.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #2 – Review

Robyn Hood is still on the run. She had been lying low in a crummy motel but now law enforcement on her trail! Find out if Robyn and Emmett can escape the police’s robots in Robyn Hood Justice #2 from Zenescope Entertainment!

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