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Review Fear Case #1 Review 8.7

Fear Case #1 Review

In Fear Case #1 from Dark Horse Comics, chaos and death has followed the Fear Case.  Now, a pair of Secret Service agents are zeroing in on it after a year of searching, but what kind of hell will they unleash when they find it? Find out  in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review King of Nowhere #4 Review 9.3

King of Nowhere #4 Review

In KING OF NOWHERE #4 Galvin the scientist lays it all out for Denis.  Product of a nuclear experiment by the government, the people of Nowhere go about their lives unaware that reality has warped for them.  But will the government be happy their secrets are being spilled?  Read this Major Spoilers review to find out!

Review King of Nowhere #1 Review 8.7

King of Nowhere #1 Review

In King of Nowhere #1 from Boom! Studios, Denis wakes up…somewhere.  Denis likes to party, so when he finds himself in the strange town of Nowhere, he puts its stranger inhabitants down to a legender bender.  But things are odd in Nowhere, as Denis very quickly finds out.  And what he finds…well, read your Major Spoilers review to discover what!

Review Black Badge #12 Review 8.0

Black Badge #12 Review

This is it – the culmination of an epic series of spies, betrayal and death.  Can our renewed quartet find a way to survive and turn the Black Badges into a force for good?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

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[Preview] Black Badge #11

As the current Black Badge team learns more about their predecessors, a rift grows between the two generations— Will it all come to a head? Check out this sneak peek of Black Badge #11 that arrives in stores on Wednesday.

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