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Ten Evil Batmans

They say every hero has their equivalent villain. Some heroes are more visible than others. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Evil Batmans!

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Eleventh-Hour Heroes

Timing is everything, especially when your job is saving the world.  But sometimes, our favorite heroes arrive just in time to get cancelled…  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Eleventh-Hour Heroes!

Featured Batman #20, Joker, Bane, I Am, Star Trek, David Finch, Tom King, Penguin, Two-Face,

Batman #20 Review

This latest story, that concluded in Batman #20, looks at the similarities and differences between the Dark Knight and Bane. As Spock might say, “Fascinating.”


REVIEW: Batman #710

The man in the Bat-suit isn’t Bruce. The man running around killing people appears to…