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Dark Horse Comics Tomb Raider: Inferno #3 Review

Tomb Raider: Inferno #3

We join Lara at a pivotal moment where she faces up to her own past and her personal demons even as she descends deeper and deeper into the Temple of Eden in Tomb Raider: Inferno #3 from Dark Horse Comics.


Major Spoilers Podcast #783: The Galactus Trilogy (1966)

The First Family of Comics takes center stage this week, as they take on Galactus and his friend, Harold. Plus, strange things are afoot at DC Comics (or are they?), your favorite burger joint, Motor Crush Vol. 2, Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #4, Hawkman #1, and Tomb Raider: Inferno #1 all go under the microscope.

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