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Ten Things Ten Mythical Codenames Ten Things

Ten Mythical Codenames

It’s been said that supers are modern myths.  Sometimes, the influence is obvious.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Mythical Codenames!

Ten Things Supers In Armor Ten Things

Ten Supers In Armor

Like the knights of yore, some of our favorite supers live the armored life…  There is no Iron Man on this list.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers In Armor!


Ten Random Compound Words

When two or more words are joined together, you sometimes get more than just a new word…  You could get our favorite supers!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Random Compound Words!

Ten Things Ten Alternate Justice Leaguers Ten Things

Alternate Justice Leaguers

Banded together from remote galaxies come ten of the most powerful heroes of of all time!  Or at least, the next best thing…  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Alternate Justice Leaguers!

Ten Things Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes Ten Things

Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes

Suspension of disbelief is a fragile thing. Sometimes it can be broken by an action, sometimes by a word… Sometimes, it can be broken by laundry. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes!

Ten Things Ten STrange Origins Ten Things

Ten Strange Origins

Not everyone can be rocketed from a dead planet or bitten by a radioactive wombat…  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Strange Origins!

Ten Things Ten Justice Leagues Ten Things

Ten Justice Leagues

It’s been a long time since the Appelaxian invasion of 1961, and there have been a LOT of threats (and members) since.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Justice Leagues!

Ten Things Super M.D.s Ten Things

Ten Super M.D.s

In the world of Ten Things, it pays to look closely.  Things are not always what they seem.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super M.D.s!

Ten Things Chromatic Dragons Ten Things

Ten Chromatic Dragons

When it comes to your flying serpents, there are many different hues of scale…  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Chromatic Dragons!

Ten Things Ten Super Bikers

Ten Super Bikers

Getcher motor runnin’ and head out on that highway, but watch for merging superhumans! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super Bikers!

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