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Ten Things Super Karls Ten Things

Ten Super Karls

Comics are full of Matthews and Stephens, but some names are less common, even among our favorite supers!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super Karls!

Ten Things Ten Super Lizards Ten Things

Ten Super Lizards

It’s not that easy bein’ green…  Fortunately, lizards come in an array of sizes and colors!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super Lizards!

Ten Things Ten Corvidae

Ten Corvidae

Gone away is the blue bird… here to stay, is a new bird.  Actually, TEN of them!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Corvidae!

Ten Things Borrowed Identities Ten Things

Ten Borrowed Identities

Superman has Clark Kent, Moon Knight has a crowd of guys, but some of our favorite supers had to get creative.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Borrowed Identities!

Ten Things Ten Red Rangers Ten Things

Ten Red Rangers

By the laws of chromatic superiority, they have the power!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Red Rangers!

Ten Things Ten Firsts Ten Things

Ten Firsts

Have you ever wondered who the first real superhero was? Or the first kid sidekick? Well, so have we! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Firsts!

Ten Things Crimson Supers Ten Things

Ten Crimson Supers

Alabama has their tide, Harvard has their newspaper, and even the various supers of the multiverse get in the #DC143C love… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Crimson Supers!

Ten Things Ten Avengers Ten Things

Ten Avengers (Sorta)

They are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!  Or at least their dollar-store namesakes?  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Avengers (Sorta!)

Ten Things Ten Roller Coasters Ten Things

Ten Roller Coasters

Put on your safety belts, secure your belongings and watch out for that Kamikaze Curve! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Roller Coasters!

Ten Things Ten Ridiculous Haircuts Ten Things

Ten Ridiculous Haircuts

When it comes to matters tonsorial, there are always those who push the envelope.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Ridiculous Haircuts!

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