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Review Challenge of the Super-Sons #1 Review 8.7

Challenge of the Super Sons #1 Review

Jon Kent.  Damian Wayne.  They are the understudies for the most powerful and resourceful heroes of their world, but they’re still just kids…  Your Major Spoilers review of Challenge of the Super-Sons #1 from DC Comics awaits!

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Half-Human Hybrids

The prototypical superhero came from another world, gaining powers from his alien nature to save lives and put the smackdown on evil.  But what about all those half-alien types?  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Half-Human Hybrids!

Review Super Sons #16 Review

Super-Sons #16 (of 16) Review

They… are the Super-Sons!  They’ll always save the day!  And if you think they can’t, well…  this is the final issue, so let’s hope you’re wrong.  Your Major Spoilers review of Super-Sons #16 awaits!