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Review 6.3

Hellions #7 Review

The Hellions have perished during Mister Sinister’s quest into Arakko. Find out if he can convince the Quiet Council to resurrect his team in Hellions #7 by Marvel Comics!

Review 7.0

Hellions #2 Review

Hellions have taken some of the most mentally unstable characters and presented them with the source of their trauma. When they head into the orphanage Havoc spent his childhood; chaos is certain to ensue. Come check out HELLIONS #2 by Marvel Comics!

Sneak Peek Hellions #2

[Preview] Hellions #2

Will the Hellions kill each other, or will they fit in with Krakoan society? Find out in this preview of Hellions #2 from Marvel Comics.

Review Flash Annual #3 Review 9.3

The Flash Annual #3 Review

As Joshua Williamson’s time on The Flash draws to a close, he continues to set the bar extremely high for creators who will write the Fastest Man Alive after him. A great example is The Flash Annual #3 from DC Comics, guest starring the Suicide Squad.

Review Hellions #1 Review 7.0

Hellions #1 Review

What do you do with the most violent, uncontrollable, and undesirable mutants? Put them on a team of course. Your Major Spoilers review of Hellions #1 from Marvel, awaits!

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