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Review Wonder Twins #6 Review 7.3

Wonder Twins #6 Review

The Great Scramble is upon us and everyone’s life will change FOREVER…  unless Zan and Jayna can put a stop to it.  Your Major Spoilers review of Wonder Twins #6 awaits!

Review Wonder Twins #1 Review 8.7

Wonder Twins #1 Review

High school can be a challenge even at the best of times. Between the awkward puberty issues, the social cliques, the mountains of homework, and countless other obstacles, it’s a wonder people ever make it at all. But what if you were an alien from another planet, with your own challenges and issues? We find out what that is like with WONDER TWINS #1 from DC Comics.

DC Green Arrow #26

[Preview] Green Arrow #26

This week, Green Arrow hits the road to hunt criminals and repair relationships. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Green Arrow #26.

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