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Review Robotech #24 8.0

Robotech #24 Review

It all comes down to one chance as the crew of the SDF-1 fight a final battle against the Invid Regess and her forces. Witness a massive battle with more twists than a roller coaster in ROBOTECH #24 from Titan Comics, on store shelves now.

Review Robotech #17 Review 7.3

Robotech #17 Review

Super Dimension Fortress 1 sits in orbit above the Earth, injured by a blast from one of Earth’s most powerful defense weapons. Nevertheless, life goes on inside the mighty ship as Rick seeks out Minmei, Lisa is reunited with Karl, and Roy attempts to strangle Claudia! What?! Find out more in ROBOTECH #17 from Titan Comics.

Press Release Robotech

Brenden Fletcher joins Robotech series

Titan Comics are pleased to announce that best-selling writer Brenden Fletcher(Isola, Motor Crush, Power Rangers) will be joining the superstar Robotech comics team of Simon Furman and Hendry Prasetya on the deck of the SDF-1 for continuing Robotech adventures – based on the legendary ‘80s sci-fi animation by Harmony Gold.

Sneak Peek Robotech #14

[Preview] Robotech #14

Are you a fan of Robotech? Did you know Titan Comics has a Robotech comic book series? Take the jump for a sneak peek of Robotech #14 that arrives in stores on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek Robotech #13

[Preview] Robotech #13

The Robotech series enters Year Two at Titan Comics. The publisher sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek by Simon Furman and Hendry Prasetya.

Featured The Vigilant One-Shot Review

The Vigilant One-Shot Review

Death-Man, Blake Edmonds, The Leopard, Pete’s Pocket Army, Doctor Sin, Adam Eterno, Steel Commando, Thunderbolt the Avenger, and Yao; these names may not sound familiar to you now, but they are members of The Vigilant, a new team of forgotten heroes from British Publisher Rebellion.

Sneak Peek Robotech #9

Robotech #9

A new story arc kicks off in this week’s Robotech #9 from Titan Comics. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

Sneak Peek Robotech #7

[Preview] Robotech #7

Simon Furman, who has written Transformers for years, joins Brian Wood this week to take on Robotech #7 from Titan Comics.

Sneak Peek Robotech #6

[Preview] Robotech #6

Titan Comics sent Major Spoilers this sneak peek of Robotech #6 which is scheduled to arrive in stores on Wednesday.

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