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Shanghai Red #5 Review

Jack nears her long desired revenge while her sister Katie come to terms with what her sister has become in Shanghai Red #5.

Featured Shanghai Red #4 Review

Shanghai Red #4 Review

For those who done her wrong, Red has only bloody revenge in mind as she plunges through the tunnels beneath Portland in search of vengeance in Shanghai Red #4 from Image Comics.

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Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 06/17/2018

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Featured Shanghai Red #1

Shanghai Red #1 Review

We’ve seen the revenge story done time and time again in westerns and fantasies, modern day and science fiction, even with superheroes. A man is out to gain vengeance on those who wronged him/killed his family/took his honor/yadda-yadda. It gets bloody and many sacrifices are made. Shanghai Red has a similar story: shanghaied to serve on a sailing ship, tortured and beaten, forced to submit, a family dependent on them left behind. It sounds a little familiar, but when the revenge seeker is a woman, then there is a completely new level of pain to be explored. Let’s check out Shanghai Red #1 from Image Comics, and find out just how many.