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Review Criminal #4 Review 8.3

Criminal #4 Review

Ricky Lawless has always been a man on the run.  Now, methed to the eyeballs, can he outrun his demons?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Criminal #4!

Review Criminal #3 Review 9.0

Criminal #3 Review

Jacob Kurtz is brought back to mind his old boss and legendary comic artist Hal Crane in the hours before Crane receives an award.  Instead, Kurtz finds himself drawn back into his old criminal ways.

Review Criminal #2 Review 8.7

Criminal #2 Review

When former comic book illustrator Jacob receives a call from an old flame at an upcoming comic convention to act as minder for his old boss and comic legend Hal Crane, he has misgivings.  Jacob agrees reluctantly, and his caution is rewarded with a series of events that remind him why Crane was such a hard ass to begin with.  Then, Jacob is met with an offer we know he should refuse, but won’t…

Review Criminal #1 Review 8.0

Criminal #1 Review

Teeg Lawless is back on the road, searching for that perfect score when he discovers his best friend is dead, and his best friend’s ex-wife is in need of someone to warm her bed.  And then things really get interesting.

Image Comics Criminal

Criminal returns as monthly series

I hope Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips never end their collaborative team-ups, as they make a wonderful team that cranks our fantastic stories. I think we’re going to see the duo together for a while as Image Comics has announced Criminal returns as a monthly series.