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Review Flash #750 Review 7.3

The Flash #750 Review

The Flash faces his most dangerous threat ever…  Barry Allen?!  Your Major Spoilers review of The Flash #750 awaits!

Review DC, Robin, Batman, Nightwing, Dick Grayson, Ric, Zack Kaplan, Scott Lobdell, Barbara Gordon, Joker’s Daughter, Bludhaven, Travis Moore, 8.7

Nightwing #58 Review

One of the best villains from the recent New 52 event was the Joker’s Daughter. She kind of disappeared when that ended and Rebirth began, so I’m glad to see her back in Nightwing #58 from DC Comics.

Review 8.3

Red Hood: Outlaw #32 Review

They say you can’t go home again, but it looks like Jason Todd is going to try anyway! What does Batman have to say about it? Find out in RED HOOD: OUTLAW #32 from DC Comics.

DC Red Hood and The Outlaws #26 Review

Red Hood and The Outlaws #26 Review

His family is splintered, but Jason Todd is determined not to let that stop him. On the trail of a new crime organization, the Red Hood steps out on his own, while part of his adopted family find themselves in a peculiar situation. Part 1 of the new storyline, Outlaw, begins here in Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, from DC Comics.


The Flash Speed Buggy Special #1

The fastest man alive meets…the fastest car…alive? Does The Flash Speed Buggy Special #1 tear up the track, or sputter at the starting line?

Aspen No World #5

[Preview] No World #5

In stores today is No World #5 from Aspen Comics. Before heading to your LCS check out this sneak peek of the issue.

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