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Sneak Peek Red Sonja #24

PREVIEW: Red Sonja #24

This is it! The end of Mark Russell’s run on Red Sonja! Take the jump for a sneak peek of Red Sonja #24 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Immortal Hulk #42 Review 7.7

Immortal Hulk #42 Review

The Leader seems to have won… but there’s still a missing piece of the puzzle.  Your Major Spoilers review of Immortal Hulk #42 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Sneak Peek Red Sonja #22

[Preview] Red Sonja #22

Mark Russell and Alessandro Miracolo bring us the Angel of Death in this week’s Red Sonja #22 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Podcast Sex Criminals Sexual Gary Review 10.0

Sex Criminals: Sexual Gary #1 Review

In SEX CRIMINALS: SEXUAL GARY #1 from Image Comics, Gary breaks free of his bored existence and fully embraces his inner sexual omnivore.  In a tale that criss crossed the fault lines of sexual America, Gary becomes the greatest porn star that ever lived, while educating the masses about sex.  But will he find true happiness at the bottom of a condom?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Featured Motherlands #5 Review

Motherlands #5 Review

Bad enough Tabitha has had to accept a bounty on her own brother, now her dying mother is getting involved to try and save his life.  What’s a futuristic cyborg bounty hunter to do?  Your Major Spoilers review of Motherlands #5 awaits!

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