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Review Heroes Reborn #5 Review 8.0

Heroes Reborn #5 Review

By day, Kyle Richmond is a congressperson. By night, he becomes the “hero” known as Nighthawk. Find out his story in Heroes Reborn #5 by Marvel Comics! 

Sneak Peek Heroes Reborn #5

PREVIEW: Heroes Reborn #5

When there’s a riot at the Ravencroft Asylum, Nighthawk must descend alone into a realm of madness in this preview of Heroes Reborn #5 from Marvel Comics.

Review The Goddamned The Virgin Brides #3 9.7

The Goddamned: The Virgin Brides #3

In THE GODDAMNED: THE VIRGIN BRIDES #3, Sharri and Jael have had enough of the cruel rule of the Nuns, and make a break for it, escaping the Mountain.  But they encounter a Serpent, who has an offer that is far too tempting.  Will they accept it?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Judge Dredd Ghost Town 9.0

Judge Dredd: Ghost Town Review

After the mayhem and destruction of the Chaos Bug, Mega-City One is a shadow of its former self. Despite the death and destruction which has rained down on them past the breaking point, the law must still be upheld. Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson continue to patrol the streets, meeting out justice wherever it is needed. Find out more about the struggle to preserve law and order in the latest 2000 A.D. Digest from Rebellion, JUDGE DREDD: GHOST TOWN.