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Review 6.0

X-Men #16 Review

The mutant nation of Krakoa is awaiting an unusual guest, the mutant nation Arakko! Find out if reunification goes smoothly in X-Men #16 by Marvel Comics. 

Review 7.7

X of Swords: Cable #6 Review

The Contest of Swords is well on the way and Krakoa is losing! Will Cable be able to turn the tide and defeat Arakko? Find out in X of Swords: Cable #6 by Marvel Comics!

Review Ex-Calibur #14 Review 7.0

X of Swords: Excalibur #14 Review

The Contest of Swords begins! Captain Britain and Isca, the Unbeaten are squaring off to fight each other in the first round! Will Betsy be able to get rid of Isca’s title? Find out in Excalibur #14 by Marvel Comics!

Review 9.0

X of Swords: Cable #5 Review

Young Cable has the sword called The Light of Galador. However, he is far away on a space station when the prophecy chooses him to fight in the Contest of Swords. Find out if he can make it back in time in Cable #5 by Marvel Comics!

Review 7.0

Cable #1 Review

A young Cable is sitting on the mutant paradise of Krakoa. How does a young, angsty Cable turn into the man we know him to be? Find out in Cable #1 by Marvel Comics!

Review Star Wars #74 Review 8.0

Star Wars #74 Review

Han, Leia and Dar prepare to take on a Star Destroyer! Luke and Warba attempt to evade mounted Stormtroopers! Chewie and Threepio try to stop the destruction of a planet! Darth Vader busts up some rocks! Find out what it all means in STAR WARS #74, on shelves now from Marvel Comics!

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