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Review 8.0

The Citizen #1 – Review

What happens when you are a Super-Zero in a world of Super-Heroes? Follow Norman, a journalist, as he handles being the day to day of being normal in a world filled with supers in Citizen #1 by Action Lab Comics!

Sneak Peek Cut-Man #2

[Preview] Cut-Man #2

Hank Kelly – the Immortal Man – must adjust to his new life in the public eye. Find out what happens next in Cut-Man #2 from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone.

Review Lucifer's Knight #2 Review 5.7

Lucifer’s Knight #2 Review

What would you do if your girlfriend was a demon?  Luke is about to find out, the hard way.  Your Major Spoilers review of Lucifer’s Knight #2 from Action Lab -Danger Zone awaits!

Review The Argus #3 Review 9.0

The Argus #3 Review

The Argus #3 from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone,  is a slick, time-travel sci-fi adventure under the Action Lab: Danger Zone mature readers banner. It appeals to readers who like Chrononauts and Rick and Morty.

Review Cut Man #1 Review 7.7

Cut Man #1 Review

Hank Kelly is a broken man.  Until he finds out that he can’t be broken.  Your Major Spoilers review of Cut Man #1 from Action Lab Entertainment, awaits!

Review Adventure Finders #4 Review 9.7

Adventure Finder: The Edge of Empire #4 Review

Clarinette has dealt with conflicts and ambushes of all sorts on her way to Good River. Pushed to the limited to her physical capabilities, will Clari and her team be able to survive? Find out in Adventure Finder #4 by Action Lab Entertainment!

Review Going to the Chapel #1 Revie2 7.0

Going to the Chapel #1 Review

It’s Emily Anderson’s special day. She is about to marry a great guy, her family has money and she is walking down the aisle wearing an unbelievably expensive necklace… or is she? Is it wedding bells I hear or shotgun shells? From Action Lab comes GOING TO THE CHAPEL #1, gathers at your local comic store September 4th!

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