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Review Devil's Highway #1 Review 7.0

Devil’s Highway #1 Review

It’s Christmastime in Wisconsin and that means three things: Snow, cheer, and ritualistic murder.  Your Major Spoilers review of Devil’s Highway #1, awaits!

Review 7.0

Rogue Planet #1 – Review

A Rogue Planet is a celestial body not bound to a star and was expelled from the planetary system in which they formed. What secrets could this abandoned planet hold? Find out in Rogue Planet #1 by Oni Press: Chapter 1 – Planetfall!

Review James Tynion IV, Batman, Steve Epting, Superman, Javier Fernandez, Justice League, Nick Filardi, Travis Lanham, Alex Antone, Lex Luthor, Batman Who Laughs, infected, Secret Six, Hawkman, Donna Troy, Blue Beetle, Jim Gordon, Supergirl, Shazam, Year of the Villain, Hell Arisen 9.7

Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #2 of 4 Review

Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #2 continues the big event that began in 2019, and this latest issue pits Lex Luthor against heroes corrupted by the Batman Who Laughs, including some surprises. Check out our review of the issue from DC Comics.

Review Batman, Nightwing, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Robin, Talon, Court of Owls, DC, Dan Jurgens, Ronan Cliquet, Bludhaven, Nick Filardi, William Cobb, Beatrice, Jamie S. Rich, Gray Son, Gotham City, 8.7

Nightwing #66 Review

Poor Dick Grayson has REALLY been hit hard recently, what with a bullet hitting his brain and basically removing many of his memories. He’s moved out of Gotham City to Bludhaven, and he’s Ric now, someone who never seems to be able to avoid his true past.


The Realm #8 Review

What if the apocalypse wasn’t caused by a virus or zombies or a shark tornado, but instead by the incursion of all the fantasy tropes you could ever imagine?  Join our heroes as their journey into the American heartland leads them into a dungeon complex with no seeming exit in The Realm #8 from Image Comics.

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