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Review Fantastic Four #34 Review 7.3

Fantastic Four #34 Review

It’s that thing where Doctor Doom’s bride admits at the altar that she kind of slept with the Human Torch, and…  you know what happens next.  Your Major Spoilers review of Fantastic Four #34 from Marvel Comics awaits!

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PREVIEW: King in Black: Namor #4

The Black Tide’s wave of devastation now threatens Atlantis itself, and Namor is there to put a stop to the shenanigans in this week’s King in Black: Namor #4 from Marvel Comics.

Marvel The Defenders

The Defenders are back

Marvel has announced the original Defenders (Doctor Strange, The Immortal Hulk, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and The Silver Surfer) are reuniting for a series of all new stories.

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COMICS PORTAL: No ‘Avengers Fatigue’ Here!

Last time, I talked about how filmmaker James Cameron was hoping there would be “Avengers Fatigue,” meaning people would eventually tire of what he considered repetitive storylines.

Well, “Avengers Fatigue” didn’t happen this past weekend – in fact, far from it!

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