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Sneak Peek Invincible Red Sonja #3

PREVIEW: Invincible Red Sonja #3

Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner And Moritat get their sadism on as the huntress becomes the hunted in this sneak peek of Invincible Red Sonja #3 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Invincible Red Sonja #1

PREVIEW: The Invincible Red Sonja #1

Red Sonja finds herself on a spectacular journey filled with pirates, mermaids, princesses, and political intrigue as the threat of two kingdoms hangs in the balance. Take the jump for a sneak peek of The Invincible Red Sonja #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review 5.3

Red Hood #52 Review

They say you can’t go home again, but Jason Todd has never been one for listening.  Your Major Spoilers review of Red Hood #52 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Gunning for Hits #4 7.0

Gunning for Hits #4 Review

The final recording sessions for Brian Slade’s new album approach their zenith, while Mr. Fixit Martin burns the candle at both ends, jetting across America and around the world to ensure the latest single becomes the smash hit he thinks it deserves to be – does it?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Gunning for Hits #4!

Review Gunning for Hits #1 Review 8.7

Gunning for Hits #1 Review

To some the music of the Eighties is energy and joy, others rebellion and power. To promoter Martin Mills it is the almighty dollar and how much he can make. His latest discovery may be the next big thing, but can Mills survive the negotiations? Gunning For Hits #1 from Image Comics is on store shelves now!

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