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Review Adventureman #4 10.0

Adventureman #4 Review

Claire Connell has changed and developed new strength and skills, at the cost of some of her memory. Can she find out more about what has happened to her…and why? Find out in Adventureman #4 from Image Comics!

Sneak Peek Detective Comics #1027

[Preview] Detective Comics #1027

It is a huge issue for Batman this week, as Detective Comics #1027 arrives in stores. Take the jump for an early look at the issue that you can pick up in stores today.

Podcast Sex Criminals Sexual Gary Review 10.0

Sex Criminals: Sexual Gary #1 Review

In SEX CRIMINALS: SEXUAL GARY #1 from Image Comics, Gary breaks free of his bored existence and fully embraces his inner sexual omnivore.  In a tale that criss crossed the fault lines of sexual America, Gary becomes the greatest porn star that ever lived, while educating the masses about sex.  But will he find true happiness at the bottom of a condom?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Adventureman #3 Review 9.0

Adventureman #3 Review

Claire Connell returns to her family several inches taller and able to hear again. What has happened to her, and what does this have to do with bugs? Find out in Adventureman #2, from Image Comics!

Review Adventureman #2 Review 10.0

Adventureman #2 Review

Adventureman is just a story, right? But why does this new book have an address for them, and why is there suddenly a skyscraper in that location? Find out in Adventureman #2, from Image Comics!

Review 9.0

Adventureman #1 – Review

Adventureman’s end came suddenly and tragically but our fictional heroes cannot end on such a heartbreaking cliffhanger! When Claire receives a book about Adventureman perhaps the pulp hero can live on. Find out more in Adventureman #1 by Image Comics!

Review Sex Criminals #28 Review 9.0

Sex Criminals #28 Review

Suzy and Badal come face-to-face at last and…  it’s not what either expected.  Your Major Spoilers review of Sex Criminals #28 awaits!

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