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Sneak Peek Captain America Annual #1

PREVIEW: Captain America Annual #1

It’s Annual season, which means your LCS is going to be filled to the brim with annuals of every shape and size. For example, here is a sneak peek of Captain America Annual #1 from Marvel Comics.

Review Doom 2099 #1 Review 5.7

Doom 2099 #1 Review

No matter the time, no matter the place…  there is always Doom.  Your Major Spoilers review of Doom 2099 #1 awaits!

Comics Portal Taking Talent to TV

COMICS PORTAL: Taking ‘Talent’ to TV

Once your comic book or OGN has been published, don’t get discouraged if nothing happens with it for a while. If it’s really good, it just might get translated to the big or small screen at some point.