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Review Gogor #4 Review 8.7

Gogor #4 Review

Armano gets a firsthand look at a culture twisted by technology and new ideas. Is this also related to the Domus, and is this what is coming to all of Altara? Find out in Gogor #4!

Review Gogor #3 Review 7.3

Gogor #3 Review

Armano’s role with Gogor is more than he bargained for, and who knows where destiny will take them next? Find out more in Gogor #3!

Review 7.7

Gogor #2 Review

Now that the legendary Gogor has been awakened, all Armano has to do is get him back to Academea, right? Find out in Gogor #2!

Review Gogor #1 Review 6.7

Gogor #1 Review

Among the floating islands of Altara, a young student named Armano is caught up in a quest to save his world from invasion! And what is in the mysterious scroll that everyone wants? Find out in Gogor #1 from Image Comics.