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Review Crone #4 Review 8.0

Crone #4 Review

In Crone #4, from Dark Horse Comics, all Bliss wants to do is return to her home and die in peace.  But the return of Vor the Lion unveils a hideous secret, one that will ravage Gaspar the Rogue’s family, and call into question everything Bliss ever thought about her past.  Will Vor convince Bliss to be his queen, or has Bliss one more ace up her sleeve?  Find out in your Major Spoilers review!

Review Crone #2 5.0

Crone #2 Review

With an old enemy returned, an aged hero must decide whether to take up the sword again or welcome the embrace of retirement. Your Major Spoilers review of Crone #2 from Dark Horse Comics, awaits!

Review Crone #1 Review 8.0

Crone #1 Advance Review

Bloody Bliss was a swordswoman beyond compare, a true legend of her time. However, what happens when time takes over? Find out in CRONE #1 from Dark Horse Comics, on store shelves November 6th.

Featured The Last Siege #1 Review

The Last Siege #1 Review

A brutal warlord from across the sea is conquering the West, leaving only a handful of free lands remaining. In one of the last cities, their lord has fallen, the lady is in peril, and men who think of only themselves concoct plans for a young royal. But a mysterious stranger has arrived, and the rules of the game may be about to change. Let’s find out more in THE LAST SIEGE #1 from Image Comics.

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