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Review 7.0

Black Cat Annual #1 Review

Felicia Hardy needs a vacation. As she heads to some R&R, Felicia is arrested by the White Fox! Find out how she gets out of this ordeal in Black Cat Annual #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review Ms. Marvel #7 Review 6.7

Ms. Marvel #7 Review

Ms. Marvel’s life has been less than great as of late. Thankfully her friends have her back and want to give her a bit of a break. But there’s just no such thing as a vacation for a superhero. Your Major Spoilers review of The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #7 awaits.

Aspen Charismagic #5

Charismagic Vol. 3 #5

Aspen Comics has released a sneak peek of Charismagic #5 by Vince Hernandez and Joey Vazquez. The issue arrives in stores on Wednesday.