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Review 7.0

The Lunar Ladies #1 Review

The people of the Moon are in civil war when an insane doctor introduces the Y chromosome in a world with only women. Find out who wins in The Lunar Ladies #1 by Scout Comics! 

Review Wild Bull and Chipper #1 Review 6.3

Wild Bull and Chipper #1 Review

In a world where capes and cowls aren’t yet everywhere, two men become the heroes that Brooklyn deserves.  Your Major Spoilers review of Wild Bull and Chipper #1 from Scout Comics awaits!

Review The Warning #9 Review 7.3

The Warning #9 Review

The Red Machine has wreaked havoc across California, which is burning as the issue opens.  Jackknife leads Red Machine away from the carnage wreaked on combat brigade Gladiator Two-Six.  But it isn’t just the one fearsome creature they must face, as Jackknife discovers in our awesome Major Spoilers review!

Review The Warning #1 Review 6.3

The Warning #1 Review

The Earth is being invaded, but we don’t know by whom. We do know they are coming from space and are already setting up a base. We have our best people on it, our best people, and they have activated Gladiator Two-Six, an international military response group. See how it all starts in The Warning #1 from Image Comics, on your local comic store shelves now.