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Review 9.0

By the Horns #2 Review

Elodie and Sajen have found two unicorns in the procession of Futen, the Dark Demon of the Western Wind. Find out what happens when they knock on his door for a chat in By the Horns #2 by Scout Comics! 

Review 7.0

By the Horns #1 (of 6) Review

Elodie hunts unicorns. After they trampled her husband, she has dedicated her life to tracking and killing monsters! Check out By the Horns #1 by Scout Comics to see where her quest of revenge takes her! 

Review 6.7

Dragonsblood #4: Legend of Sigurd Review

THE LEGEND OF SIGURD is a dark fantasy ravaged by war and blood magic. Our protagonist Sigurd, or Siggy, is found in the middle of a war against a brutal ruthless enemy. Take a look at DRAGONSBLOOD #4 from Zenescope Entertainment to see if Siggy will survive.

Review 7.7

Dragonsblood #1 Review

His family was charged with slaying an ancient evil or to die trying. Now Sigurd, the last of Clan Volsung, will take up his sword to fulfill the familial debt. Can he succeed without following so many who came before? Find out in DRAGONSBLOOD #1 from Zenescope Entertainment.

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