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Review Strange Academy #1 Review 9.3

Strange Academy #1 Review

Magic has returned to The Marvel U, and with it a whole bunch of new, young,  wielders of the mystic forces.  Someone should really make a school or something. Your Major Spoilers Review of Strange Academy #1 from Marvel Entertainment awaits!

Review Incoming #1 Review 6.3

Incoming #1 Review

A single act of violence ripples out and touches nearly the whole of the Marvel Universe and the motive may lead to Earth’s doom. Your review of Incoming #1 from Marvel Comics, awaits!


Marvel announces Strange Academy

You may have already seen the news that magic in the Marvel Universe has become more powerful and more people are able to wield it. To keep the world from falling into chaos, Doctor Strange is opening Strange Academy.

Review Infinity Wars: Ghost Panther #1 Review 8.3

Infinity Wars: Ghost Panther #1 Review

Thanks to Gamora’s actions with the Infinity Stones, the universe has changed. Now, T’Challa is an exiled son of Wakanda and takes a different path, one that leads to blood and death, vengeance and hellfire. INFINITY WARS: GHOST PANTHER #1 from Marvel Comics is on shelves now!

Review Amazing Spider-Man #800 Feature

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Review

The Red Goblin has taken down his allies.  He has targeted Spider-Man’s family and friends.  Now, the Web-Head has to face two of his most terrible foes at the same time…  and not everyone will survive. 

Your Major Spoilers review of Amazing Spider-Man #800 awaits!

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