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Review Angel & Spike #14 Review 7.7

Angel & Spike #14 Review

Team Angel is coming apart and Spike is the sole voice of reason.  That’s…  That’s bad.  Your Major Spoilers review of Angel & Spike #14 from BOOM! Studios awaits!

Review Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, historical, monster, hunter, AfterShock, Adam Glass, Olivia Cuartero-Briggs, Hayden Sherman, Sal Cipriano, 8.3

Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter #1 Review

There’s been a trend in recent years, especially in pop culture, of making historical figures into chasers of the supernatural or monsters. The biggest one of these I can recall has been Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.The latest part of that trend is taking place in an AfterShock comic that focuses on the creator of the Frankenstein tale, attempting to explain how she wrote it in the first place. She experienced it first-hand!

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