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Warner Bros. celebrates 90 years of Popeye, the Blu-ray release of V, and remastered Jetsons at SDCC

Warner Archive Collection covers the past, present and future at 2019 Comic-Con International with a trio of entertaining panels slated for the weekend – a Thursday celebration of  Popeye’s 90th Birthday; a Friday revisit to the landmark V: The Original Mini-Series, currently being remastered for Blu-ray; and a spotlight on The Jetsons (for its upcoming newly-remastered-for-Blu-ray release) and the terrific primetime history of Hanna-Barbera.

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Junior Supers

Everybody wants to leave their legacy behind them, even our favorite superhumans… But what does that mean for their kids, legacies and followers? Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Junior Supers!

Review Future Quest #8 Review

Future Quest Presents #8 Review

A signal to the stars returns, with a message from space.  But how does this involve our favorite club-wielding superhero, the Mighty Mightor?  Your Major Spoilers review of Future Quest Presents #8 awaits!

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