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Major Spoilers Poll of the Week: Halloween Edition

This week, we enter the best week of the entire year – Halloween, when boys and girls, and men and women, don costumes and go door to door demanding candy in order to prevent horrible tricks from befalling the homeowner.  But not every homeowner participates in the giving of treats.

Comics Portal James Bond in Playboy

COMICS PORTAL: ‘James Bond’ in ‘Playboy’

Well, as reported here at MajorSpoilers, a preview of the current James Bond comics from Dynamite Entertainment will be in the October 30 issue of Playboy. While that magazine is not my cup of tea, hey, if it draws more people to the industry, I’m all for it!

DC Swamp Thing

Seven spooky tales from the DC vault are headed to Walmart

The 100-page giant issues that DC has been releasing to Walmart, are apparently a big success. So much so, that the publisher has announced the forthcoming Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special that will see reprints of House of Secrets #92 and Batman #237 hit the stands once again.

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