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Sneak Peek Savage Avengers #18

PREVIEW: Savage Avengers #18

What crazy heist will ruin Deadpool’s 30th anniversary? You will have to take the jump to check out this sneak peek of Savage Avengers #18 from Marvel Comics to find out.

Review 6.3

Savage Avengers #16 Review

Conan, Magik, the Black Knight, and Juggernaut are in a battle with an Asgardian Dragon! Will they be able to beat Sadurfang or will they turn into a pile of ash? Find out in Savage Avengers #16 by Marvel!

Review 7.7

X of Swords: Cable #6 Review

The Contest of Swords is well on the way and Krakoa is losing! Will Cable be able to turn the tide and defeat Arakko? Find out in X of Swords: Cable #6 by Marvel Comics!

Review X-Force #14 Review 6.0

X of Swords: X-Force #14 Review

The Contest of Swords are well on their way. After the death of Betsy Braddock, both sides are fighting to the death! Who is going to win in X of Swords: X-Force #14 by Marvel Comics!

Review 8.0

X of Swords: Wolverine #7 Review

The first two events at the Contest of Swords are over but we are still early in the tournament! Will Wolverine be able to overcome his challenge? Find out in Wolverine #7 by Marvel Comics!

Review 6.7

X of Swords: Marauders #14 Review

The Champions of Krakoa are about to participate in a fight to the death! But first… dinner! Find out what happens in X of Swords: Marauders #14 by Marvel Comics!

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