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Review Geiger #2 Review 9.0

Geiger #2 Review

In Geiger #2, the discovery of the nuclear football in the carcass of Air Force One kicks off an escape attempt for a brother and sister from lockdown in Las Vegas.  Can they escape the Nuclear Knights?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!


DC to release DC’s Infinite Frontier #0

With DC Comics getting reboot(?), relauch(?), return(?), or something happening that requires a lot of new first issues in March 2021, the publishers is releasing a 68-page one-shot that teases what is to come.

Solicitations Batman: Earth One Volume Three

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank return to Earth One

One of the more interesting original graphic novels (or direct-to-trade) series to come out of a major publisher in the last decade has been the Earth One series from DC Comics. In 2021, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are returning to the series with Batman: Earth One Volume Three.

Sneak Peek Shazam #14

[Preview] Shazam #14

Shazam #14 drops at your LCS today, and you can check out this sneak peek of the issue before you go out to pick it up from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Batman: Three JOkers #2

[First Look] Batman: Three Jokers #2

We got our first taste of Batman: Three Jokers last week when the mini-series debuted, and this morning we get a look at what is to come with this sneak peek of Batman: Three Jokers #2 from DC Comics.

Review Shazam #13 Review 7.3

Shazam #13 Review

The Monster Society of Evil is free and they’re led by… Billy Batson’s dad?  Your Major Spoilers review of Shazam #13 from DC Comics awaits!

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