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Review Nuclear Power #1 Review 7.3

Nuclear Power #1 Review

In Nuclear Power #1, America is a sterile wasteland sixty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis turned hot.  Major Tocci seeks to repair the genetic damage caused to the survivors, but can she come to terms with the abomination growing inside her?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

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The Sequels #4 Review

The group learns there is another among them who is not telling the truth as we discover the final untold story of childhood adventure. What really happened to Dakota during his time in Fictopolis, and how does it all tie into the mysterious, unseen force who seems to have set up all of the adventures? Truths are discovered and perceptions shattered as we dive into final chapter of THE SEQUELS #4, available on Comixology May 29!

Fanbase Press The Sequels #3 Review 8.0

The Sequels #3 Review

Two wishes have been made with two unexpected outcomes. In the aftermath of the first, will the second prove fatal? Also, just what happened in Van Allsing High School on Halloween in 1986 and how is it connected with the mysterious figure who brought everyone together? Find out when Fanbase Press releases THE SEQUELS #3 April 24th, only on ComiXology!

Review The Sequels #1 Review 7.7

The Sequels #1 Advance Review

Their childhoods were not ordinary. Maybe they had a robot friend or an alien encounter or battled monsters, or found a magic book. Whatever the case, they grew up and moved on… or did they? From Fanbase Press comes a tale of what happened when their movie-like lives returned to normal. The Sequels #1 is on Comixology on February 20, 2019.