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Review 9.7

X-Men Legends #2 Review

Scott and Alex Summers are hoping to save their grandparents by finding Adam-X, their long-lost brother. Unfortunately, Adam is shot in the head by Corsair! Find out more in X-Men Legends #2 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 10.0

X-Men Legends #1 Review

X-Men returns to tell new stories from classic eras! We return to the Fabian Nicieza run to see a new tale featuring Cyclops and Havok! Check it out in X-Men Legends #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Sneak Peek Juggernaut #5

PREVIEW: Juggernaut #5

Nothing can stop you from checking out this sneak peek of Juggernaut #5 from Marvel Comics. This is the final issue of the mini-series.

Sneak Peek Juggernaut #3

[Preview] Juggernaut #3

It’s no secret Juggernaut has been on the wrong side of the law in the past… but can even justice stop him? Find out in this preview of Juggernaut #3 from Marvel Comics.

Review 9.0

Juggernaut #2 Review

Juggernaut is trying to redeem himself from all the destruction that he has brought. His sights are set on the Hulk who has caused a fair amount of damage in his green lifetime. Find out what happens in Juggernaut #2 by Marvel Comics!

Review Juggernaut #1 Review 9.3

Juggernaut #1 Review

Juggernaut is a force of overwhelming power! He is considered unstoppable but the only thing that can stop him is his own head. Find out what new direction Cain Marko goes in Juggernaut #1 by Marvel!

Solicitations Juggernaut #1

Marvel announces Juggernaut mini-series

Nothing can stop the Juggernaut! Except maybe the general sense of ennui… Maybe he will finally find his place in the world in the five-issue-mini series from artist Ron Garney and writer Fabian Nicieza.

Review Domino Annual #1 Review

Domino Annual #1 Review

Ever wondered what Domino does in her spare time?  Get ready to find out!  Your Major Spoilers review of Domino Annual #1 awaits!

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