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Review Marauders #6 Review 6.0

Marauders #6 Review

The battle of Madripoor rages on, as Kate Pryde and her Marauders take on hateful enemies from their past.  Your Major Spoilers review of Marauders #6 from Marvel Comics awaits.

Review 7.0

Conan 2099 #1 Review

In a world that is ruled by Dr. Doom, there are some who dare to defy him. Conan the Barbarian is in the year 2099 cursed to never age. What is Conan trying to accomplish in this time era? Find out in Conan 2099 #1 by Marvel Comics.

Aspen Bubblegun #2

[Preview] Bubblegun #2

Aspen Comics sent Major Spoilers preview pages from this week’s Bubblegun #2 by Mark Roslan and Angle Tover.