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Sneak Peek Empyre: X-Men #3

[Preview] Empyre: X-Men #3

ALIENS! PLANT-MEN! MUTANTS! ZOMBIES! OLD WOMEN! DEMONS! EXPLOSIONS! These are just a few of the things you’ll find in this week’s Empyre: X-Men #3 from Marvel Comics.

Sneak Peek New Mutants #11

[Preview] New Mutants #11

The New Mutants is finally here! Yes, that’s right, New Mutants #11 arrives in stores this week, and we have a preview of the issue, after the jump.

Review Ghost Rider #7 Review 6.0

Ghost Rider #7 Review

The King of Hell versus the Sorcerer Supreme… Place your bets!  Your Major Spoilers review of Ghost Rider #7 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Review 6.3

Ghostrider 2099 #1 – Review

Nothing screams cyberpunk like a robot hosting a spirit of the Ghost Rider. Come see how “Zero” turned from hacker to robot in Ghost Rider 2099 #1 by Marvel!

Review Ghost Rider #2 Review 6.7

Ghost Rider #2 Review

It’s a battle decades in the making: Johnny Blazer Vs. Danny Ketch!  Choose your Rider!  Your Major Spoilers review of Ghost Rider #2 awaits!

Review New Mutants #1 Review 8.7

New Mutants #1 Review

What does the brave new X-World hold for Professor Xavier’s third wave of students?  Your Major Spoilers review of New Mutants #1 awaits!

Review 5.0

Contagion #5 (of 5) Review

The epic conclusion of the fungus that has rampaged across New York hits the comic stands this week! Find out more in the Major Spoilers Review of Contagion #5 by Marvel!

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