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Review Redneck #28 Review 8.3

Redneck #28 Review

In REDNECK #28 from Image Comics, the Bowman’s have found refuge from a world that fears them, deep in the heart of Texas.  But others of their kind, harbor hopes of re-establishing vampiric dominion over the Earth and its people.  The Bowman’s can hide, but they cannot run from the apocalypse heading their way.  Read all about it in your latest might Major Spoilers review!

Sneak Peek Thor #8

[Preview] Thor #8

Everyone gets a hammer in Thor #8. EVERYONE! You. Me. Tom Breevort. Everyone! Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue from Marvel Comics.

Sneak Peek Thor #7

[Preview] Thor #7

Something is wrong with Mjolnir in this week’s Thor #7 from Marvel. We have a sneak peek of the issue, just for you to check out, right now.

Review Web of Venom Wraith #1 Review 9.0

Web of Venom: Wraith #1 Review

Wraith has been hunting Knull, the God of Symbiotes. Perhaps if he can find him, Wraith will finally be able to remove his curse and find his soul. Find out in Web Of Venom: Wraith #1 by Marvel Comics!

Sneak Peek Venom #27

[Preview] Venom #27

What is next for the wicked web-slinger? Donny Cates and Juan Gedeon continue the story in Venom #27, out this week from Marvel Comics.

Solicitations King in Black #1

The King in Black is coming!

Marvel released this teaser for King in Black #1 from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, which we are guessing is a sequel to Absolute Carnage, and tied to the big Knull event.

Sneak Peek Venom #26

[Preview] Venom #26

Venom Beyond begins this week in Venom #26, and we have a sneak peek that we are sharing just with you (and also YOU)!

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