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COMICS PORTAL: Anything Goes?

As we slowly find out more and more about DC’s Infinite Frontier reboot, it sounds to me like “anything goes.” And yes, I’m good with that!

Ten Things Ten Good Guys Ten Things

Ten Good Guys

All heroes have some sort of pro-social agenda, but some are better than others! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Good Guys!

Review Rorschach #5 Review 6.3

Rorschach #5 Review

How did Rorschach get close enough to nearly assassinate a political candidate?  And did he have help?  Your Major Spoilers review of Rorschach #5 from DC Comics awaits!

Sneak Peek Sweet Tooth #4

PREVIEW: Sweet Tooth: The Return #4

A preview so secret we can’t even tell you what is going on in the pages of today’s Sweet Tooth: The Return #4 from DC Comics. You’ll just have to take the jump to find out for yourself.

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