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Review Analog #9 Review 8.0

Analog #9 Review

Jack McGinnis holds one of the two existing AIs in the world.  His nemesis Oppenheimer has the other.  Plus control of a trio of merciless Predator drones, all targeted at Jack.  While two other Ledger women are breaking into an airbase where the drones are launched, Jack has to work out a way to break into the airbase and confront Oppenheimer before he can launch his rocket.  Will Jack make it in alive?  Check out our Major Spoiler review to find out!


Analog #5 Review

The Great Doxxing has laid flat the internet.  Five years into the aftermath, there are no secrets to big or too small to hide on the worldwide web.  But secrets still need to be transmitted, and couriers, nicknamed the Ledger Men, are the guys just for the job.  And none come harder than Jack McGinnis, with a face like a shovel and fists like piledrivers…