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Review X-Factor #2 Review 7.0

X-Factor #2 – Review

X-Factor Investigations has been reinstated and they have dozens of cases already to solve. Find out how Northstar leads this new mismatched team in X-Factor #2 by Marvel Comics!

Review X-Factor #1 Review 6.7

X-Factor #1 – Review

Resurrection in Krakoa has been a complicated process and everyone is looking to recover a loved one. Because of high demand, rules are now in place and first and foremost you need proof of death. Come check out the new investigative team in X-Factor #1 by Marvel Comics!

Featured Domino #3

Domino #3 Review

Topaz has targeted Domino for reasons unknown.  And now, she has killed Dom’s best friends with a bomb…  That makes this personal.  Your Major Spoilers review of Domino #3 awaits!

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