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Review The Secret Land #1 Review 8.0

The Secret Land #1 Review

It is 1945. Germany may have surrendered, but in this story, they have not given up the fight. Just what has American spy Kat found herself among? Find out in The Secret Land #1 from Dark Horse Comics!

Review The Whispering Dark #3 Review 7.0

The Whispering Dark #3 Review

On the run and with the Russian noose tightening around them, Hannah Vance leads the remnants of her team further into the unknown in The Whispering Dark #3!

Review 6.7

The Whispering Dark #1 Review

Morality and faith collide with the will to survive as a group of American Rangers attempt to escape from enemy territory.  Tune your moral compass to expediency in The Whispering Dark #1!